“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world”.  

-John Muir

We’re Nomadic Neighbors, AKA Cori and Andy, two twenty-somethings from Buffalo, New York who just couldn’t kill the sense of wanderlust that burned within us. We had both worked through a number of different fields, from IT sales and luxury retail to concert production and investment banking. But then one day it kind of hit us….



“When you want something in life you just gotta reach out and grab it”.  


-Christopher McCandless



It all started with a weekend getaway to Savannah, GA. We had some Groupon dollars to use and managed to find the perfect deal on a quaint B&B in the heart of the city (book your own trip here). As we began to plan the mini-vacay, it soon turned into a 5 day, 4 city road trip down the East Coast, hitting Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Charleston and Savannah as we went.


Now we know, for most people this would sound like a nightmarish first vacation together! But for some reason, it worked out flawlessly. Not for lack of effort on our part either! There were enough u-turns and confusing traffic patterns to make anyone’s head spin. It didn’t matter though because we were out there, living it. We felt the feeling of the unknown and embraced it.


After we got back, something started to gnaw at us. We missed that feeling, that undeniable sense of excitement that comes from exploring new places or finding a local hidden gem. After a TON of research and brainstorming sessions, we began to realize that we could make it happen on a larger scale.


So we bought an RV to call home. Yes, just like that. Was it scary? Of course! Are there more risks than you could imagine? Absolutely. But sometimes it’s just worth it. Worth it to risk it all, work your ass off and put everything you have into making your dreams a reality.


Now admittedly, we weren’t the types that were predestined for this. We don’t have extensive backgrounds that give us the freedom that many travel jobs do. We don’t have an endless supply of income to help us when things get rough. We just fight to make it work. We’re two regular people from a small city with a big heart, looking for the adventure of a lifetime. Because why are we here if not to appreciate all that is around us? There is so much beauty in this great country that gets easily overlooked, forgotten in the face of new and changing times.


But we can’t let it slide, let this magnificent land lose all the wonder that it once held for those who came before us. From Glacier National Park to the Grand Canyon to the Everglades, there is beauty waiting to be shared, to be saved and cherished and loved. Along our journey, we want to help as much as possible. So many amazing places are covered with litter from years and years of neglect and we don’t want to be the last generation to see what is possible on this Earth. As Nomadic Neighbors, we will not only be traveling for ourselves, but also to help make a difference.


Sometimes you just realize that it’s time for an adventure. For us, that time is now.