Drumroll Please..... for Recipes!

A long time ago, we wrote an article about “finding your normal” when you move into an RV. For us, that meant cooking.




Flash forward about 9 months and countless homemade meals later. We’ve been trying to figure out what to share about us that would give a little more insight into our normal life, the day-to-day, rise and grind, whatever else you may call it. Really, it should have been obvious from the start. Every single night you’ll find us hovered over the counter in our tiny kitchen, cranking out whatever dish we thought up earlier that week.


So, last week, the lightbulb finally went off.




From here on out, we’ll be including some of the recipes we’ve concocted while on the road. Think of this as proof that no matter what size your kitchen is, you can still make incredible food. Most of our meals focus on being healthy, cheap, and using as few dishes as possible (although we don’t always win that battle). 




We’ve also never been the ones to really follow recipes, so feel free to use them exact or as a guide. Half of these dishes were developed because of leftovers, random ingredients we wanted to use up, or after seeing an food-spiring photo that got our minds churning. Baking is the science here, not cooking, so have fun with it! Add meat if you’re feeling carnivorous, take out the beans if you don’t want to be gassy….


Either way, our food stories will be here to inspire you. Now get cooking!